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awards 2005
Melelani and Happy Dogs Hot Sauce Founder Pat Gilmore pose for a photo

Melelani, Happy Dogs Hot Sauces #1 fan

This is Melelani, a very wonderful person that brought me some peppers at a food demo I was doing at Whole Foods Market in St. Louis MO. She gave me the peppers, and told me how much she was totally in love with the sauce. I gave her my last pink t-shirt as I should for my newly appointed #1 fan!! Her father sent me these pictures, and I had to put them on the site, after all, she is the #1 fan of the sauce. Thanks for the peppers, I made salsa with them and it was fantastic!

Here's what our #1 fan's father has to say about her ...

Happy Dogs is Melelani's favorite sauce. Melelani makes breakfast and lunch for her family to take to work or school each day. Unless it's peanut butter and jelly, Mele always puts Happy Dogs on our sandwiches. It really adds a nice flavor. Her lunches always have zing. Mele also sets the table for us for dinner, and she always includes Happy Dogs with the condiments she sets out, mostly because she likes it so much herself. She always asks if the meal has habaneros in it. If the answer is "no", she reaches for the Happy Dogs.

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