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I love to cook and I am a hot sauce fanatic! I've tried a lot of them out there and after either overpaying for bland red-colored vinegar, or trying sauces so hot my tongue went numb for days, I set out to create the perfect hot sauce.

Happy Dogs is my own unique blend of habenero and cayenne peppers and seasonings, meant to enhance the flavor of your foods and recipes giving them just the right kick without overpowering them.

I hope you enjoy my sauce as much as I have enjoyed creating it with YOUR GOOD TASTE IN MIND!!!


Patrick Gilmore

Just in case you are wondering I've put our dogs on the label because they are our pride and joy! They are from left to right Oscar, Coney and Brigitte. They are definitely happy dogs! We may pamper them a bit, but like my hot sauce they're in a class by themselves.

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